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Promotional Chopping Boards - Custom Printed Promotional Chopping Boards

Why Choose Promotional Chopping Boards from our Promotional Gifts Range? Read More When pondering your choice of promotional gifts for your next marketing campaign, why not take a look at heat resistant melamine chopping boards? They may not hit you initially as being a successful promotional item, but they have many essential qualities of a perfect promotional gift…

As everyone needs food and may need to spend time preparing it, a chopping board appeals to a large proportion of the population. So if you have a diverse target market they could be a brilliant choice. The fact that they are rarely used as promotional items would also give you an edge on your competitors in terms of giving unique and different but useful promotional items. The product also lends itself to promotional use, as the large print area and pantone matching possibilities make it perfect to display your bespoke artwork in an impactful way. You can choose to compliment your design with either a white or wood grain reverse chopping side, and add further interest by choosing an unusual shape. As a well designed chopping board would find a useful spot in most people’s kitchens, you will have great value for money with a promotional chopping board.

Cut up the competition when you choose a promotional melamine chopping board from PG Branding.


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